A good culture is the key to success

How to create an exploring culture by using the culture map

A simple tool for visualizing the culture of a company

The culture map from Strategyzer
  • What constitutes an innovative culture?
  • What makes it noticeable to really have an innovative culture in the company?
  • How can you present culture in a way that makes it visible and easy to understand for everyone?

The Culture Map from Strategyzer

Structure of the Culture Map

Culture Map template for download
  • Enabler / Blocker: Here points have listed that trigger or promote and/or block certain behavior. It is recommended to roughly divide the topics into the following areas: 1) leadership support; 2) Organizational Design and 3) innovation team practice.
  • Behavior: In the middle part, really very practical behaviors are listed.
  • Outcomes: The outcomes show the concrete result which is noticeable in everyday life.
Culture Map template with some examples as a flowchart

Use of the Culture Map

  1. Print the Culture Map template in a large size (best A0).
  2. Explain each of the areas in detail and make sure that everyone has understood the model.
  3. Distribute sticky notes and start in the middle area. Experience has shown that during brainstorming, the participants always think of concrete behavior patterns first. Good and negative behaviors should be listed (ideally with different colors).
  4. Avoid too long discussions during the brainstorming. Everyone should have the opportunity to write down their experiences without being influenced.
  5. After you have listed the behaviors, turn to the lower part, the enablers, and blockers. Here all thoughts should also first be wildly recorded on sticky notes. Then cluster the notes into the three areas (1.) Leadership support; 2.) Organizational Design and 3) Innovation Practice). It is not important to make exact separations — this is neither possible nor necessary. However, it is helpful to be able to make statements afterward about the areas in which improvements should be made.
  6. Finally, you turn to the upper area — the outcomes. Write down your thoughts about what you received (or did not receive) when certain behaviors actively occur in the company.

Results of the Culture Map and conclusion



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