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Creative Team Workshops, Source:

Canvases are extremely simple and break down complex issues into a few points.

This makes information easier to understand. In my professional life I very often use a canvas to collect information in meetings or workshops and arrange it directly. For this reason, I would like to present a collection of canvas models in this article, which are excellent tools to generate very understandable results quickly and easily.

  • Easy to understand
  • Clear information consolidation
  • Time-saving
  • Scalable concept
  • Active involvement of the participants
  1. People, relationships and team
  2. Mixed

Canvas Templates

In the following, I will list you some popular canvases and describe briefly the purpose. I will limit the list of canvas templates to a short explanation. You will find many separate explanations on the internet (e.g. YouTube) which I do not want to repeat.

1) Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas, Source: Strategyzer
  • The added value of an organization (unit) is to be shown

2) Value Proposition Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas, Source: Strategyzer
  • Recording of customer needs

3) Opportunity Canvas

Opportunity Canvas, Source: jeffpatton&associates
  • A potential product solution is to be developed

4) Operating System Canvas

Operating System Canvas, Source: Medium
  • A company is to be (re-)organized
  • The real purpose of a company should be rethought

5) Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder Map, Source: Florida State University
  • A classification of stakeholders should be made

6) Business Model Portfolio Map

Business Model Portfolio Map, Source: Strategyzer
  • The company is to be reorganized and aligned for the future
  • You want to question existing offers and find out about new ones

7) Operating Model Canvas

Operating Model Canvas, Source: SlideModel

8) Culture Map

Culture Map, Source: Strategyzer
  • Listing of Enablers and Blockers

9) Empathy Map Canvas

Empathy Map Canvas, Source: Medium

10) Empathic Negotiation Canvas

Empathic Negotiation Canvas, Source: Stattys
  • Drawing a visual overview of your negotiation strategy
  • Creating different variants of your negotiation

11) Team Canvas

Team Canvas, Source: TheTeamCanvas
  • Build a productive culture
  • Resolve team conflicts

12) Product Canvas

Product Canvas, Source: RomanPichler
  • Product features are to be outlined in a very short time

13) Product roadmap

The product roadmap, Source: Medium

14) Project Canvas, Example 1

Project Canvas, Source: ProjectCanvas
  • A common understanding of a project

15) Project Canvas, Example 2

Project Canvas, Source: Experiencing Information
  • A common understanding of a project

16) Event Canvas

Event Canvas, Source: EventModelGeneration
  • One-pager of all your event requirements

17) Customer Journey Canvas

  • The path of the customer is to be made transparent and visualized

18) Event Storyboard Canvas

Event Storyboard Canvas, Source: StoryBoardEvents
  • Different customer journeys are to be compared and represented in their respective added value

19) Storytelling Canvas

Storytelling Canvas, Source: DesignBetterTools
  • Making stories and processes visible and discussing them with others

20) Personal leadership Canvas

Personal leadership Canvas, Source: owlfoxdean
  • Team workshops for executives
  • Teambuilding measures

21) Meeting facilitation

Meeting Facilitator Canvas, Source: amazemeet
  • The meaning and purpose of a meeting or a series of meetings is unclear and should be discussed in plenary

22) Strategy Execution Canvas

Strategy Execution Canvas, Source: Institute of Strategy
  • If a common understanding of a strategy is to be created

23) Workshop Preparation Canvas

Workshop Preparation Canvas, Source: TobiSinclairBlog
  • Visualize workshop contents together in a brainstorming

24) Branding Canvas

Branding Canvas, Source: BigName.Pro
  • Quickly and easily create a common understanding for a brand

25) Brand thinking Canvas

Brand Thinking Canvas, Source: The Brandling
  • If you want to modernise your brand and find out what makes your brand stand out

26) Audience Canvas

Audience Canvas, Source: The Brandling
  • You want to show who your interest groups are and what they want

27) Design Operations Canvas

Design Operations, Source: GameStorming
  • A restructuring of the organisation or parts of it is pending

28) Trend Mapping Canvas

Trend Context Map, Source: Florida State University

29) Data Ethics Canvas

Data Ethics Canvas, Source: Theodi
  • Who could be negatively affected by this project?


I hope the mentioned canvas templates will help you to get results faster in your daily business and to set new incentives methodically. If you have good explanations for the mentioned templates or if you know more good (free) templates, please write me so that we can create a comprehensive collection for everyone.

Canvas Collection (Source: Board of Innovation)



✦ Helping Visioneers to shape the digitized future and bring their ideas to life. As an engineer and entrepreneur I would like to inspire and generate sparks. ✦

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Jan Wokittel

✦ Helping Visioneers to shape the digitized future and bring their ideas to life. As an engineer and entrepreneur I would like to inspire and generate sparks. ✦