Jan Wokittel works full-time at one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies - based in Switzerland as a Lead Digital Business Transformation.

Besides his job, he has founded two companies. And even if his first tech start-up was not successful, he has become even richer through these experiences. Jan is a volunteer in Germany's largest engineering association (VDI) and in D64, where he mixes up the government's digital policy.

No matter where he is, the questions are always the same:

How do you disrupt work, business models and processes? What is the best way to prepare people and companies for the digital transformation, and what does digital mean in essence for what they do?

A hospital never sleeps, and the same goes for digitalization. Jan writes about topics from the field of digital transformation and what he experiences through his daily work, because the digital future is so much more than just technology.

If you want to know more, visit Jan on his website: https://janwokittel.me

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Jan Wokittel

Jan Wokittel

✦ Helping Visioneers to shape the digitized future and bring their ideas to life. As an engineer and entrepreneur I would like to inspire and generate sparks. ✦